Civil Engineering - Water Supply Engineering Mock test - 2 - CIVIL ENGINEERING OBJECTIVE

Civil Engineering – Water Supply Engineering Mock test – 2

Welcome to your Water Supply Engineering Mock test - 2
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1. If discharge of a pump is 0.16 cumecs, the economic diameter of pipe, is
2. An earth formation which, although porous and capable of absoring water does not provide an appreciable supply to wells, is known as
3. Continuous flow of water can be expected from
4. During treatment of water, sedimentation is done
5. E. Coli bacterias die in water having pH greater than
6. Flow through period, in sedimentation tanks, is
7. Mostly used coagulant, is
8. The best quality of filter material is obtained from quartzite if it does not loose weight when placed in hydro-chloric acid for 24 hours, more than
9. Normal values of overflow rate for plain sedimentation tank, is
10. Surface water is obtained from
11. An area is declared drought affected if its mean rainfall is less than
12. A water channel supported above the ground over trestles, is generally called
13. The force which develops in a pressure conduit supported on trestles, is
14. The best process of disinfection of public water supply, is by
15. The maximum hourly consumption, is generally taken as
16. One degree of hardness of water means a content of salts of
17. Disinfection of water with ozone is not good because
18. Increase in population of a rapidly growing city, may be estimated by
19. A pressure conduit laid under ground, may not be subjected to
20. Hard water for public water supply is discarded because
21. While determining the yield of open wells by the pumping test
22. After cleaning a slow sand filter, the filtered water is not used for
23. Rapid gravity filter can only remove turbidity of water upto
24. Mathamoglobinemia, or blue baby disease is caused due to
25. Percussion drilling is unsuitable in
26. The standard B.O.D. at 20&Deg;C, is taken for the consumption in
27. The period of cleaning of a slow sand filter, is usually