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Dilution method of disposing off sewage, is not preferred to
Disposal to sewage in large cities, is done in
Flocculated particles do not change their
For treating the sewage of a large city, you will recommend
For the survival of fish in a river stream, the minimum dissolved oxygen is prescribed
The minimum recommended diameter of sewers, is
When drainage to sewage ratio is 20, the peak dry weather flow is
The asbestos cement pipes are generally laid
An inverted siphon is designed generally for
For house drainage minimum gradient is
Assertion (A) : Discharging the effluents from the oxidation ponds just up stream of lakes or reservoirs is undesirable.
Reason (R) : The discharged algae get settled in the reservoirs and cause anaerobic decomposition and other water qualities.
In SI units the power of sound is represented in
In primary sedimentation, the 0.2 mm inorganic solids get separated if specific gravity is
The ratio of maximum sewage flow to average sewage flow for mains up to 1 m in diameter, is
For evaporation and measurement of settlable solids, the apparatus used, is
In R.C. sewer pipes, the percentage longitudinal reinforcement to the cross-sectional area of concrete is kept
The coagulant widely used for sewage treatment, is
For non-scouring velocity 5 m/sec, the type of sewers generally preferred to, is
Self-cleansing velocity is
House connections to the laterals is generally made by
A rainfall may be classified as acidic if its pH value is less or equal to
Removal of oil and grease from sewage, is known
Chlorination of water is done for the removal of
The non-clog pump which permits solid matter to pass out with the liquid sewage, is
The rate of accumulation of sludge in septic tanks is recommended as
Pick up the in-correct statement from the following :
The gas which may cause explosion in sewers, is
If the diameter of sewer is 225 mm, the gradient required for generating self cleansing velocity, is
If D is the diameter of upper circular portion, the overall depth of a standard egg shaped section, is
For the COD test of sewage, organic matter is oxidised by K2Cr207 in the presence of
The screens are fixed
The ratio of minimum hourly flow to the average flow of sewage is
In olden days the type of section adopted in trunk and out fall sewers was


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