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1) Cross hairs in surveying telescopes, are fitted
2) The latitude of a traverse leg is obtained by multiplying its length by
3) In levelling operation
4) Setting out a curve by two theodolite method, involves
5) When the bubble of the level tube of a level, remains central
6) Measuring with a 30 m chain, 0.01 m too short, introduces
7) If the angular measurements of a traverse are more precise than its linear measurements, balancing of the traverse, is done by
8) The best method of interpolation of contours, is by
9) A relatively fixed point of known elevation above datum, is called
10) Deviation of the actual road gradient from the proposed contou'r gradient up hill side, involves
11) The vertical angle between longitudinal axis of a freely suspended magnetic needle and a horizontal line at its pivot, is known
12) Pantagraph is used for
13) For setting out a simple curve, using two theodolites.
14) On a diagonal scale, it is possible to read up to
15) Metric chains are generally available in
16) Plotting of inaccessible points on a plane table, is done by
17) The diaphragm of a stadia theodolite is fitted with two additional
18) The sum of the interior angles of a geometrical figure laid on the surface of the earth differs from that of the corresponding plane figure only to the extent of one second for every
19) The operation of making the algebraic sum of latitudes and departures of a closed traverse, each equal to zero, is known
20) True meridian of different places
21) Orientation of a plane table by solving two point problem is only adopted when
22) The desired sensitivity of a bubble tube with 2 mm divisions is 30". The radius of the bubble tube should be
23) An ideal transition curve is
24) Two hill tops A and B 20 km apart are intervened by a third top C. If the top most contour of the three hill tops are of the same value, state whether the line of sight AB
25) In levelling operation
26) Centering error of a theodolite produces an error
27) The angle between two plane mirrors of optical square, is

The conventional sign shown in below figure represents a
29) A back sight
30) The systematic errors which persist and have regular effects in the performance of a survey operation, are due to