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Civil Engineering – Strength of Materials Mock test – 3

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1. In a solid arch, shear force acts
2. For a cantilever with a uniformly distributed load W over its entire length L, the maximum bending moment is
3. For keeping the stress wholly compressive the load may be applied on a circular column anywhere within a concentric circle of diameter
4. The neutral axis of a beam cross-section must
5. The ratio of the effective length of a column and minimum radius of gyration of its cross-sectional area, is known
6. When a rectangular beam is loaded transversely, the maximum compressive stress develops on
7. The distance between the centres of adjacent rivets in the same row, is called
8. Pick up the correct statement from the following :
9. If the beam is supported so that there are only three unknown reactive elements at the supports. These can be determined by using the following fundamental equation of statics
10. To ascertain the maximum permissible eccentricity of loads on circular columns, the rule generally followed, is
11. The property of a material by which it can be drawn to a smaller section, due to tension, is called
12. Beams of uniform strength are preferred to those of uniform section because these are economical for
13. If the stress produced by a prismatic bar is equal to the working stress, the area of the cross-section of the prismatic bar, becomes
14. Columns of given length, cross-section and material have different values of buckling loads for different end conditions. The strongest column is one whose
15. The property by which a body returns to its original shape after removal of the force, is called
16. The section modulus of a rectangular section is proportional to
17. Every material obeys the Hooke's law within its
18. The bending moment is maximum on a section where shearing force
19. The following assumption is not true in the theory of pure torsion :
20. If the width of a simply supported beam carrying an isolated load at its centre is doubled, the deflection of the beam at the centre is changed by
21. A member is balanced at its end by two inclined members carrying equal forces. For equilibrium the angle between the inclined bars must be
22. A beam of length L supported on two intermediate rollers carries a uniformly distributed load on its entire length. If sagging B.M. and hogging B.M. of the beam are equal, the length of each overhang, is
23. The moment diagram for a cantilever whose free end is subjected to a bending moment, will be a
24. Shear force for a cantilever carrying a uniformly distributed load over its length, is
25. For a stable frame structure, number of members required, is
26. A long vertical member, subjected to an axial compressive load, is called
27. As the elastic limit reaches, tensile strain


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