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Economic height of a dam is the height corresponding to which

If there is no impervious boundary at the bottom of a hydraulic structure, stream lines tend to follow :

The minimum cube strength of concrete used for a prestressed member, is

According to the recommendations of Nagpur Conference, the width formation of an ideal National Highway in hard rock cutting, is

Vicat's apparatus is used for

The increased cohesiveness of concrete, makes it

Distribution mains of any water supply, is normally designed for its average daily requirement

Transport of concrete by pumps, is done for a distance of

15. The rocks formed by gradual deposition, are called

The water content in a soil sample when it continues to loose weight without loosing the volume, is called

If cross slope of a country is 10% to 25%, the terrain is classified as
If d is the distance between the flange angles, the vertical stiffeners in plate girders are spaced not greater than

When a cohesionless soil attains quick condition, it looses

Energy equation is usually applicable to

Pick up the correct proportions of chemical ingredients of cement

In pressure supply mains, water hammer pressure is reduced by providing

19. For filling cracks in masonry structures, the type of bitumen used, is

While viewing through a level telescope and moving the eye slightly, a relative movement occurs between the image of the levelling staff and the cross hairs. The instrument is

The effective span of a simply supported slab, is

The weaving length of a roadway is the distance

Cohesionless soil is

The failure of a web plate takes place by yielding if the ratio of the clear depth to thickness of the web, is less than
The specific retention is least in case of

Thickened part of a flat slab over its supporting column, is technically known as

For general engineering purposes, soils are classified by

A failure wedge develops if a retaining wall

The maximum permissible nitrites in public water supplies, is
B.O.D. of treated water should be
The specific retention is least in case of

The shearing force acting along the slice of a curved surface of slippage, causes the soil to slide

12. Brittleness of cold is due to an excess of

When two plates butt together and are riveted with two cover plates with two rows of rivets, the joint is known as

Road makers along roads from the edge of a kerb should not be less than
The maximum permissible slenderness ratio of a member carrying loads resulting from wind, is

The number of treads in a flight is equal to

The cross sections of the beams of equal length are a circle and a square whose permissible bending stress are same under same maximum bending. The ratio of their flexural weights is,

16.  Galvanising means covering iron with a thin coat of

If the unsupported length of a stanchion is 4 metres and least radius of gyration of its cross-section is 5, the slenderness ratio of the stanchion, is

For initial estimate for a beam design, the width is assumed

Water belongs to
Pick up the incorrect statement from the following regarding fire hydrants
The minimum specific energy of flow of water in open channel is : (where hc is the critical depth)
Flow of water in pipes of diameter more than 3 metres, can be measured by
True meridians are generally preferred to magnetic meridians because
If θ is the slope of the ground and l is the measured distance, the correction is
The population growth curve is
One of the tacheometric constants is additive, the other constant, is
The allowable stress in axial tension for rolled I-sections and channels, is taken as

The process of proper and accurate measurement of concrete ingredients for uniformity of proportion, is known

The preliminary test is repeated if the difference of compressive strength of three test specimens, exceeds

The moment diagram for a cantilever which is subjected to a uniformly distributed load will be a

When a tension member is made of four angles with a plate as a web, the allowance for holes is made as

Turbidity of raw water is a measure of
Pick up the method of surveying in which field observations and plotting proceed simultaneously from the following
The transitional middle portion of a logistic curve follows
The average shear stress for rolled steel beam section, is

13. For the manufacture of Portland cement, the proportions of raw materials used, are

The difference of level between a point below the plane of sight and one above, is the sum of two staff readings and an error would be produced equal to
The minimum ratio of the radii of two circular curves of a compound curve, is kept

17. Initial setting time of cement for asbestos cement products should be not less than

Total pressure on the top of a closed cylindrical vessesl completely filled with liquid, is directly proportional to
A bearing of a line is also known as
Corrosion of well pipes may not be reduced by

For the construction of cement concrete floor, the maximum permissible size of aggregate, is

According to I.S. : 456 specifications, the safe diagonal tensile stress for M 150 grade concrete, is

A high velocity of wash water is required for
For the movement of vehicles at an intersection of two roads, without any interference, the type of grade separator generally preferred to, is

An aggregate is said to be flaky if its least dimension is less than

20. Vanadium steel is generally used for

The areas of cross-section of a square beam and a circular beam subjected to equal bending moments, are same.

Failure of a slope occurs only when total shear force is

The seepage exit gradient in a soil is the ratio of

As per recommendations of I.R.C., traffic volume study is carried out for rural roads for 7 days continuously during
Hydraulic radius is equal to
In distribution pipes, drain valves are provided at
While viewing through a level telescope and moving the eye slightly, a relative movement occurs between the image of the levelling staff and the cross hairs. The instrument is
Deviation of the alignment of a trace cut may be permitted in areas involving

The phenomenon of slow growth of strain under a steady tensile stress, is called

At either end of a plane frame, maximum number of possible transverse shear forces, are

If Cs is the expansion index in Q. 11.165, the empirical formula given by Terzaghi, is

For a rectangular section, the ratio of the maximum and average shear stresses, is

The high strength of rapid hardening cement at early stage, is due to its

The maximum pressure which a soil can carry without shear failure, is called

Border Roads Organisation for hilly regions, was formed in

Hooke's law states that stress and strain are

Accuracy of 'fix' by two point problem, is

A column is said to be of medium size if its slenderness ratio is between

Ties are load carrying members of a frame, which are subjected to

Pick up the incorrect statement from the following:

The commonly used material in the manufacture of cement is

14. Gniess is obtained from

Hydraulic grade line

An R.C.C. beam not provided with shear reinforcement may develop cracks in its bottom inclined roughly to the horizontal at

In a venturimeter, the divergent cone is kept
Water supply system includes

18.The variety of pig iron used for the manufacture of steel by Bessemer process, is

Most commonly used pump for lifting water in water supply mains, is
Pick up the incorrect statement from the following:

In quadrantal bearing system, back bearing of a line may be obtained from its forward bearing, by

11. Kaolin is chemically classified as

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