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In India the modes of transportation, in the order of their importance, are

Bottom bars under the columns are extended into the interior of the footing slab to a distance greater than

Buoyant unit weight equals the saturated density
Water content of a soil sample is the difference of the weight of the given sample at the given temperature and the weight determined after drying it for 24 hours at temperature ranging from
The earth pressure of a soil at rest, is proportional to (where φ is the angle of internal friction of the soil)
The ratio of the volume of voids to the total volume of the given soil mass, is known
The dimensional formula of force is
Hydrographic surveys deal with the mapping of

If the length of a cantilever carrying an isolated load at its free end is doubled, the deflection of the free end will increase by

If the radius of a simple curve is R, the length of the chord for calculating offsets by the method of chords produced, should not exceed.
The sensitiveness of a level tube decreases if
On the recommendations of Indian Road Congress, the ruling gradient in plains, is
By boiling water, hardness can be removed if it is due to
The main principle of surveying is to work
You are asked to construct a massive dam, the type of cement you will use, is
The distance measured along one rivet line from the centre of a rivet to the centre of adjoining rivet on an adjacent parallel rivet line, is called
1S. Sieve Nos. 10 mm and 4.75 mm are geneally used for grading of
Too wet concrete may cause
Pick up the in-correct statement from the following: The soils which contain montmorillonite minerals
The method of design of steel framework for greatest rigidity and economy in weight, is known as

The mixture of different ingredients of cement, is burnt at

While compacting the concrete by a mechanical vibrator, the slump should not exceed

In flowing liquids pitot tubes are used measure
The head light of vehicles should be such that its lower beam illuminates objects at
The ratio of the volume of voids to the total volume of the given soil mass, is known

In a combined footing if shear stress exceeds 5 kg/cm2, the nominal stirrups provided are:

The absolute minimum radius of horizontal curve for a design speed 60 km ph is
The ratio of the inertia and viscous forces acting in any flow, ignoring other forces, is called
The distance between e.g. of compression and e.g. of tension flanges of a plate girder, is known as
A partially saturated soil is classified as

The maximum area of tension reinforcement in beams shall not exceed

Ordinary concrete is not used for concrete grade
If the specific gravity and voids in soil sample are G and e respectively, the hydraulic gradient i, is

The diameter of longitudinal bars of a column should never be less than

The maximum depth of sedimentation tanks is limited to
A single lane carriage way whenever changes to two-lane carriage way, is affected through a taper of
For true difference in elevations between two points A and B, the level must be set up

Wp and Wf are the weights of a cylinder containing partially compacted and fully compacted concrete. If the compaction factor Wp/Wf is 0.95, the workability of concrete is

A water tank partially filled with water is being carried on a truck moving with a constant horizontal acceleration. The level of the water

Dimensions of a beam need be changed if the shear stress is more than

If the depth of two column sections are equal, then the column splice is provided

According to the recommendations of IS : 456-1978, the expansion joints
Hardening of cement occurs at
Design of horizontal and vertical alignments, super-elevation, sight distance and grades, is worst affected by
For determination of allowable stress in axial compression, Indian Standard Institution has adopted

To avoid the tendency of separation of liquid flow, the most suitable ratio of the diameters of the throat and the pipe, is
Water required per bag of cement, is
The yield of a rapid gravity filter as compared to that of slow sand filter, is

The rise of a parabolic arch at quarter points, is equal to

Batching error means inaccuracy in the quantity of

After casting, an ordinary cement concrete on drying

For ensuring quality of concrete, use

The standard sand now a days used in India, is obtained from

According to I.S. : 456, the number of grades of concrete mixes, is

The maximum shear stress occurs on the filament which makes an angle with the horizontal plane equal to
For mountaneous regions having steep slope, wagons for carrying liquid are made with bottom
Separation of coarse aggregates from mortar during transportation, is known
The least thickness of class B cast iron (spun) pipe, is

 The equivalent length of a column fixed at both ends, is

The effective length of a compression member of length L held in position and restrained in direction at one end and effectively restrained in direction but not held in position at the other end, is

For a circular slab carrying a uniformly distributed load, the ratio of the maximum negative to maximum positive radial moment, is

Pick up the correct statement from the following :
Thickness of a pavement may be reduced considerably by

The B.M. diagram of the beam shown in below figure, is

The ratio of shearing stress to shearing strain within elastic limit, is known as

Time of concentration

Pick up the correct statement from the following:

Tongue plates are provided in a steel girder at

For a beam having fixed ends, the unknown element of the reactions, is

Net sectional area of a tension member, is equal to its gross section area

The upper surface of the weir over which water flows, is known as
The ratio of settlement at any time 't' to the final settlement, is known as
An ideal vertical curve to join two gradients, is
Pick up the incorrect statement from the following:

For given water content, workability decreases if the concrete aggregates contain an excess of

To obtain cement dry powder, lime stones and shales or their slurry, is burnt in a rotary kiln at a temperature between

If all the dimensions of a bar are increased in the proportion n : 1, the proportion with which the maximum stress produced in the prismatic bar by its own weight, will increase in the ratio

As per I.S. 456 - 1978, the pH value of water shall be

Pick up the incorrect statement from the following. The underground sources of water, is from
Disinfection of drinking water, is done to remove
The minimum value of camber provided for thin bituminous surface hill roads, is
The intercept of a staff

 The equivalent length of a column fixed at one end and free at the other end, is

 If the depth of a simply supported beam carrying an isolated load at its centre, is doubled, the deflection of the beam at the centre will be changed by a factor of

Aeration of water is done to remove
The most economical section for a column, is
The length of the side of warning sign boards of roads is
The ratio of inertia force of a flowing fluid and the viscous force of the liquid is called :
 The value of Poisson's ratio always remains

The most reliable method of plotting a theodolite traverse, is
Orifice-meter is used to measure
For the construction of highway (or railway)

The thickness of base slab of a retaining wall generally provided, is

Volume of traffic which would immediately use a new road or an improved one when opened to traffic, is known
For determining the velocity of flow of underground water, the most commonly used non-empirical formula is

The stress necessary to initiate yielding, is considerably

Cantilever retaining walls can safely be used for a height not more than

M10 grade of concrete approximates

Poise is the unit of

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