Civil Engineering – Building Materials Mock test – 3

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Pozzolana (or surkhi) is used in lime
The presence of original rounded surface on the manufactured piece of timber, is called
The type of steel used for precision levelling staff, is
Dry rot
Initial setting of cement is caused due to
Lime concrete is generally used for
Wrought iron is used for
Bituminous fells are used for
German silver is an alloy of
Knots in timber are
If water required for 1 bag of cement is 30 litres, the water cement ratio is :
Quick setting cement is produced by adding
The timber having maximum resistance against white ants, is obtained from
Portland cement manufactured from pure white chalk and clay but free from iron-oxide, is known as
The hardest rock is
Dextrin is
The weight of 1 m3 of brick earth, is about
The process of decarbonising the pig iron completely and then adding proper percentage of carbon for manufacturing steel, is called
Smith's test of stones is performed to find out
The cracks caused by shrinkage of the exterior surface of the wood exposed to atmosphere, are called:
Stuco paints are suitable for
The minimum compressive strength of Ilnd class bricks should be
The commonly used drying oil for oil paints, is
For the manufacture of stainless steel, steel is mixed with
Turpentine oil is used in paints as
The operation of removal of impurities or clay adhering to iron ores, is known as
Formula for quick lime, is
Pick up the incorrect statement from the following:
The normal curing period for lime mortar, is:
The foliated structure is very common in
Fibre boards can be

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