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Building Materilas Mock test – 4 || Civil Engineering Mock tests

Welcome to your Building Materials Mock test - 4
Take an exciting test in Building Materials
You have only 20 mins to complete the test (25 Questions)
Wish you all the best!!!
1. Lime stone is not a
2. Plastic bitumen is generally used for
3. Rapid hardening cement contains
4. The kiln which may work throughout the year, is
5. A volatile substance added to a paint to make its application easy and smooth, is known as
6. Bitumen is generally obtained from
7. Generally wooden moulds are made from
8. The portion of a brick cut to form angles other than right angles in plan, is known as
9. The commonly used thinner in oil paints, is
10. The most durable varnish is
11. Softer variety of steel may be obtained by
12. Jhumb bricks are
13. The main ingredient of a good quality brick earth, is
14. In stone masonry, stones (stratified rocks) are so placed that the direction of pressure to the plane of bedding is
15. The steel which contains fissures and cavities, is manufactured by
16. Age of a tree may be ascertained by
17. A piece of timber whose thickness and width are respectively 5 cm and 10 cm is called
18. Mastic asphalt is normally used for
19. In a rock calcium carbonate predominates. State whether it is :
20. Strength of cement concrete primarily depends upon
21. The minimum compressive strength of 1st class bricks should be
22. The cast iron when heated to red heat with powdered red haemetite in an oven for increasing its toughness, is converted to
23. The percentage of water for normal consistency, is
24. The initial setting time of hydraulic lime, is
25. The size of modular bricks, is

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  2. vijayraj Bhandari | August 15, 2017 at 4:22 pm | Reply

    Thanks it easy way to revise the subject’s…its really helpfull I appreciate that.

  3. Update more important questions mock test

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