Civil Engineering – Building Materials Mock test – 2

Welcome to your Building Materials Mock test - 2

Spirit varnish generally consists of
The tendency of a stone is, to split along:
Acrylic is the name of
Lime mortar is generally made with
Steel contains carbon approximately
Cast iron contains carbon approximately
Plastic asphalt is
For obtaining vinyl chloride acetate, the method used, is
The yield strength and tensile strength of low carbon steel may be improved by the addition of
Good quality cement contains higher percentage of
Soundness of cement is tested by
Based on its dry weight, a freshly felled tree may contain water
Forge pig may be converted to wrought iron by
To give a brilliant finish, the type of varnish used, is
The softest rock is
Bitumen may be dissolved in
Whitworth compressed steel is obtained when molten steel is subjected to a pressure of
Mild steel is used for
The sequence of refractory materials according to increasing melting points is :
Veneering means
Laterite is a/an
A stone is rejected if it absorbs water more than
The most valuable timber may be obtained from
Pick up the compound responsible for early strength of cement from the following:
Mastic asphalt is

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